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Lasts over 50 years

Nearly three times longer than traditional asphalt shingle roofs yet look like new for decades.

the highest hail impact rating

Passed the brutal Texas Hail Test.

Cuts Down Your Energy Bills

Absorbs less heat in the summer months.

Metal roofing is a trademark of Renoteck and we believe it is the best material to use in Alberta’s harsh climate, where heat, hail, snow and high winds are common place. With the superior coating used on steel roofing products you can rest assured that your roof with look the same in 50 years. Metal roofs are very affordable, they are ¼ the cost of real clay roofing tiles or genuine slate roofs.

Renoteck metal roofing systems have passed many internationally recognized hail tests, specifically the brutal Texas Hail Test. We are also actively working with insurance companies to adopt lower plans and premiums for people who have metal roofs. Steel roofs are less likely to be damaged by weather and therefore create fewer insurance claims.

Metal roofing is 100% non-combustible. A metal roof can protect your house from a fire at your neighbours house or a forest fire. Metal roofing is popular in both urban and rural areas.

Renoteck metal roofs are able to withstand hurricane force winds. Renoteck steel roofs are secured by screws rather than roofing nails. The sheet metal roofing Calgary panels also interlock, increasing the strength of your roof. The fully-interlocking aesthetic design leaves the roof without any exposed fasteners, helping to create a leak-free roof. Renoteck works closely with manufacturers of steel roofing to improve their products. Renoteck’s suppliers have their product engineers and designers supervising our work and ensuring that all industry and government standards are met.

Metal Roofing Profiles

Iron Wood Shake

Iron Wood Shake replicates the look of real hand-split cedar shakes. The technology used in steel shake roofing allows them to withstand Alberta’s harsh climate, while remaining maintenance free.

Iron Wood Shake adds value to your home while providing the best protection from the surrounding environment. Real cedar shakes are beautiful when installed, but won’t provide adequate water-resistance. Cedar shakes are prone to moss growth and deteriorates faster than steel roofing. Cedar shakes will lose their installed colour very quickly.

Metal shake roofing is available in a wide range of colours to provide a beautiful compliment to the look of your home.

Iron Stone Slate

Iron Stone Slate profile simulates the look of old world slate. Metal slate roofing is resistant to corrosion with multilevel treated steel. Iron Stone Slate has the highest rating for hail impact testing, uplift testing and is protected with a coating to prevent oxidization, mold and mildew effects. Steel roofing also resists moss and other vegetation growth.

Unlike a genuine slate roof, metal roofing is lightweight and does not require any structural modifications to your home.

Metal roofing interlocks, has hidden fasteners and can be installed on top of your existing asphalt shingles. This helps to minimize landfill debris, making it an environmental friendly alternative.

Iron Stone Slate is available in a variety of colour choices to suit your home and style.

Standing Seam Roofs

Standing Seam Roofs are simple and reliable. Standing seam steel roofing is well suited to resist snow build up, it can be installed on almost any roof pitch, making it an ideal choice for many Alberta homes. A standing seam metal roof runs continuously from top to bottom, eliminating any horizontal seams. Fewer seams prevents future leaks. Standing seam metal roofing from Renoteck is also extremely hail and high-wind resist.

Standing seam roofs are prefect for certain types of modern or country-style Alberta homes. Due to the smooth, straight lines, these roofs give your house a sharp look with a modern flair.

Just like our other metal roofing profiles you have a wide selection of colours available to suit your home and style.

Best solution for Alberta's weather

Living in Alberta, you know that we get more sun than any other province Canada. Temperatures range from -40° C up to + 35° C. From deep snow in Edmonton and Fort McMurray, to hail storms in Calgary, and strong winds in Lethbridge, there isn’t a weather system that we don’t seem to have to deal with. Metal roofing is only solution that can survive all these weather events and last 50 years while still looking great.

Metal Roofing FAQ

Real cedar shakes create the ‘rustic’ look but in terms of longevity, begins to rot after 25 years. Not to mention their inherent risk of fire! On the other hand, clay tiles last for a very long time, lasting about 50-100 years, but has the risk of randomly breaking.
No, because lightning seeks the tallest object to strike. Even if your structure is the tallest object, your metal disperses the energy through the structure and into the ground.

Renoteck’s roofing material are treated with high-quality, long lasting protective coating to prevent oxidization. You can rest assured that your Alberta metal roof will last a lifetime.

Actually, metal roofs reflect most of the sun’s rays away from your house, keeping your home (and more importantly, you) cool all summer long!

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