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IB Roof Systems

At Renotek, we recommend IB Roof Systems (IB) for flat and low-sloped residential or commercial roofing projects. IB Roof system is a single-ply PVC roofing membrane designed to last longer and withstand pooling water. The high-performance PVC membranes outlast similar roofing materials and adjust easily with Calgary’s changing temperatures. Designed to stand up to chemicals, UV rays and the elements of nature, IB Roof Systems provide a watertight and maintenance free roof.

Here’s what you can look forward to when you have an IB Roof System installed:

  • Proven Long-Term Performance History
    • IB’s PVC membrane has a 30+ year track record with installations from coast to coast
  • Comprehensive Warranties
    • IB is so confident in the performance of its membranes that each one is backed by the Industry’s best warranty options. Up to a 30-year Total System warranty depending on your project, and a Limited Lifetime Material Warranty for all single family residential applications.
  • Complete Roof System Component Provider
    • IB is a single source provider of the entire roof system from the roof substrate and up.
    • All materials used for your project can be ordered through Renoteck Roofing, including prefabricated custom flashings; allowing flashings to be warrantable, and eliminating field fabrication by the installing contractor.
  • Multiple Applications
    • IB Roof Systems has multiple system options such as Mechanically Attached, Fully Adhered, or even ballasted to choose from.
  • Anti-Wicking Scrim
    • IB membranes do not rely on seam sealers that must be maintained in order to stop water absorption.
    • Specialized manufacturing process protects and coats scrim with high performance plasticizers. ASTM D570 (water absorption) industry requirement >3%. IB’s test results were 0.6%.
  • Energy Savings
    • IB membranes reflect up to 90% of the solar radiation that normally heats and enters a building through the roof. This translates into savings by reducing energy costs.
    • The performance of IB’s White & Cool Sand membranes are tested and proven to exceed Energy Star and CRRC requirements.
  • No Exclusions for Ponding Water
    • IB membranes are built to resist standing (or ponding) water and will not deteriorate under prolonged exposure.
    • IB does NOT exclude ponding water areas from their warranties as it does not affect or compromise the performance of the membrane.
  • Outstanding Weldability
    • Balanced top and bottom layer thickness provides installers the maximum amount of usable high quality materials which reduces the chance of over or under heating the membrane during installation.
    • When welding two IB membranes together, a stronger and more reliable watertight steam is created… a seam that is 360% more reliable when compared to the ASTM Stand for Seam Strength.
  • Superior Thickness Where It Counts
    • IB membranes have a thicker top layer which provides increased weathering resistance and extends the life of the overall system.
    • The weathering surface is up to 250% thicker when compared to the ASTM standard for PVC membranes.
  • Highly Flexible & Dimensionally Stable
    • IB’s formulation utilizes the highest quality polymers & plasticizers during the production of its membranes permitting them to remain highly flexible and stable without compromising performance.
    • IB membranes hold their characteristics long after 10, 20, and even 30 years of serviceable life. We’ve welded brand new IB membrane to 30+ year old IB membrane without issue.
IB Roof System


Traditions™ is a single-ply membrane that was designed to eliminate the problems associated with conventional asphalt shingles while maintaining the look of an architecturally designed shingle roof that fits your home or building.

Traditions waterproofing system is made from a composite layer of durable PVC membrane. It is a reinforced single-ply, featuring a printed architectural shingle pattern to give you the shingle look you want, without the problems.

Traditions is virtually maintenance free and is specially designed for low-sloped roofs. The high-quality membrane resists mould, mildew, algae, chemicals, and ultraviolet rays, and will continue to look great for years to come.

Traditions designer colours are fade resistant and suitable for all types of climates.

Traditions offers warranties against manufacturing defects. All the accessories, flashings, vents, membranes, and fasteners that attach to the roof are covered under the best warranty offered in the roofing industry.

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