Commercial Roofing

Roof Replacement

Roof replacement can be very costly that is why our dedicated team will perform survey of your roof to determine if you require new roof or just a repair.

We have installed virtually every type of roof system and understand that each roof is unique. We will closely work with you to establish efficient roofing plan and determine what roofing system is best suitable for your commercial or industrial building.

Our 3-Step Process

Renoteck Roofing approaches our projects with a proven three-step process that begins the moment you call and continues long after your roof has been repaired or installed. The team at Renoteck Roofing in Calgary is trained, qualified and each individual on site is an experienced roofing specialist.

Our friendly team will work with you to determine your specific needs by:

  1. Conducting a thorough roof inspection;
  2. Analyzing the results from our inspection to give you a variety of roofing solutions designed to meet your budget;
  3. Providing consistent customer care through out the duration of the installation process and onwards by backing our work.

We Aim To Please

Your satisfaction is our priority that is why we will minimize the effect a roofing project will have on your business operations.

Your new roof will be built to code and will meet all required specifications. On every project done by Renoteck, the final stage is an inspection performed by manufacturer, this final inspection eliminates room for an error.

New Roof Construction

The more you know about the different types of flat roofs, how they are made and the materials they use, the more informed your decisions will be and the easier it will be to make the right one.

A Renoteck specialist will be able to answer to all your questions and help to make informative decision regarding your commercial project needs.

Renoteck Roofing has experience and expertise with the following types of commercial roofing applications:

Leaking or Damaged Roof

Renoteck Roofing is Alberta’s expert for repair and replacement of flat or low-slope commercial roofing. Prompt service is available in all major Alberta centers, including Calgary and Edmonton.

Here’s the Process

  1. Our experienced estimator will visit your location, our initial service charge includes an assessment of the problem and 30 minutes to repair, if it’s a minor problem.
  2. Should further work be required, Renoteck will provide a written quotation and a time commitment for completing repairs.
  3. Our crew will complete the work in a professional and timely manner.
  4. We invoice your company for the job.

Renoteck is proud to be relied on by some of Alberta’s major commercial property owners, including Rio-Can. Call us or complete our email form today and let Renoteck take over your roofing headaches.

Common Commercial Roof Problems:


Roofing deteriorates with direct exposure to Alberta’s changing weather conditions. Extreme temperature changes can compromise commercial flat roofs. Cold weather and rain will cool the surface of the roof making it brittle and more susceptible to punctures and tears. Low-slope roof systems are also be susceptible to damage from polution, UV light, hail, freezing rain and snow loads.


Membrane deterioration can be caused by rooftop equipment. Discharge from HVAC units and grease fans can be harmful to the roof system. Overflow from AC drainage pans can cause runoff that ponds on the roof, leading to deterioration and moisture infiltration.


Ponding is a problem when water does not drain off the roof within 48-hours following a rainfall. In addition to the obvious problem with ponding, excess water on the roof can promote vegetation growth.


Debris like leaves, needles and wind blown garbage can accumulate around roof drains, which can lead to water damming up and ponding.

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