What is Metal Roofing & Why Should I Choose It?

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In a typical case where a family wishes to build their first home, they consider purchasing the most common roofing material – asphalt. And while asphalt has its advantages, such as its low cost, fire resistance, wide variety of colours and types, and relative ease of repair, new home owners should also consider metal roofing.

But what is metal roofing and why should I choose it? Let’s start with what it is first.

Metal roofing can consist of metal materials that shelter your home from the weather. Types of metal roofing materials can range from corrugated galvanized steel, copper, stainless steel, or aluminum, each with their own unique attributes.

So why choose it?

Emerging as an excellent choice for its low maintenance and extremely long life span, metal roofing can be installed with different looks for a particular aesthetic appeal, such as slate, standing seam, or even have a cedar wood look to ensure that you have that perfect appearance for your home.

Metal roofs are renowned for lasting a very long time. In fact, metal roofing lasts three times longer than an asphalt shingle roof. Another factor to consider is value retention. If your home has a traditional asphalt roof that is not maintained periodically, it becomes a liability, reducing the total value of your home should you sell it. In contrast, metal roofs are virtually maintenance free, retaining up to 95% of its resale value, and has the potential to reduce your energy bill significantly during summer!

I’m sold! Where do I start?

If you’d like to learn more about metal roofing, take a look at our page on metal roofs here, or talk to one of our specialists at 1-877-235-9224. Call to get a free quote today!

Also, stay tuned for next week’s article. We’ll be answering questions you may have had on metal roofing!

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