Troubleshooting Roofing Problems

Troubleshooting Roofing Problems

Troubleshooting Common Roofing Issues

Troubleshooting roofing problems is one of the services Renoteck Roofing provides. The company has invested in a number of technologies that ensure an accurate assessment of the problems. Two of these tools are drones and thermal imaging cameras.

A Bird’s Eye View

Drones are used for aerial photographs. Renoteck has purchased the DJI Phantom 3 which they use in a number of ways. Where the roof line is very steep or difficult to navigate the drone can be sent up to do a preliminary investigation. Many problems can be visually identified and the drone provides clear images from which to assess the issues.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to see the true beauty of a roofing project once completed. The drone takes amazing aerial pictures of past and current projects. These images will give you a better sense of the quality and work Renoteck puts into every roof. We’ve got nothing to hide! As a client you will able to view work in progress, work completed, roofing issues that need to be addressed and completed repairs.

The photos will help to answer any questions you may have. Expect some awesome before and after pictures of your new home.

Thermal Imaging Camera

Renoteck uses the FLIR E-Series thermal imaging camera. This camera has the ability to detect heat wherever you point it. The camera determines where  your home’s heat is escaping from. With this information Renoteck Roofing can formulate a plan to save you the most money on your energy bill. Information provided by the camera will give you the data and information you need to make the best informed decision possible.

Renoteck invests in the latest tools to ensure a quality roofing project. As a customer you will be able to see and experience the advantages of a premium install.

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