Steel Roof – Strathmore

Steel Roofing Solutions in Strathmore

Original Roof: Long sheet thru-fastened rib steel
New Roof: Ironwood Concealed Fastener Interlocking Steel Shake


  1. To replace existing thru-fastened rib steel.  Numerous leaks had developed as a result of expansion/contraction issues, poor and inadequate flashing installations, poor ventilation, the lack of an underlay/condensation barrier, and generalized substandard installation procedures.
  2. To upgrade appearance.
  3. Eliminate future maintenance issues.
  4. Prevent extreme weather leak issues due to high wind exposure  combined with driving snow and rain.
  5. Improve efficiency of existing insulation by correcting original construction/framing deficiencies. These construction issues were contributing to the wet insulation and icing conditions.

Result: A very happy customer! Significantly improved appearance, performance and value in addition to zero maintenance, lower energy costs, healthier home environment with elimination of potential mold growth and the mitigation of potential wasp and bird nesting problems.

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