Spice Mall - Riga, Latvia

Snow Load Monitors

Pavel Gonchar Renoteck News

The Spice Shopping Centre in Riga Latvia has installed a unique ‘Smart Roof’ technology. The system monitors snow weight on the roof and produces information about any changes in real time.  The ‘Smart Roof’ was developed by Ruukki Construction from Helsinki, Finland.

The technology would be of interest to any commercial buildings that experience heavy winter snow falls.

Although the depth of snow on a roof can be measured manually, there is always a risk of human error.  Depending on the temperature, the snow structure and water content, weight from snow can differ even within one day. It’s more important to know the weight of the snow than how thick the snow layer is. The Smart Roof takes the guess work away from when it’s time to clear the roof.

Snow Load Monitors can reduce facility maintenance costs. The system sends an alert when it is time to remove snow from the roof. Savings arise from not removing snow until it’s necessary.

The Spice Shopping Centre opened in 2001 and is now one of the most popular shopping venues in Riga. The centre sees approximately 8 million visitors a year. The complex has 200 shops and restaurants. The combined area would be about the same size as eleven soccer fields. 700 people work at the mall.

Snow Load Monitor Installation Illustration

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