Conical Copper Roof. Standing Seam. Renoteck Roofing , Calgary

Conical Roof

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New Roof: Copper Standing Seam Conical Roof, Copper Beautiful architectural detail included in the construction of a new home. The copper accentuates the conical shape. Note the top cap on the chimney in one of the pictures.

Standing Seam Copper Roof, Renoteck Roofing, Calgary

Log Church

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Replacement Roof: Copper Standing Seam Roof An excellent example of how intricate a roofing installation can get! Over time the roof will change colour.

Standing Seam Metal Roof, Renoteck Roofing, Calgary


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Replacement Roof: Metal Standing Seam, Forest Green Colour A log house being given a dramatic new roof. In addition, insulation needed to be replaced in the roof cavities.

Chestermere Drive, Metal Shake and Standing Seam, Renoteck Roofing, Calgary

Chestermere Drive

Pavel Gonchar Metal Roof, Residential Roofing

Replacement Roof: Metal Shake Roof, Standing Seam Turret Black Colour Your home is your castle! The combination of surface finishes makes this roof truly outstanding. The standing seam on the turret makes it a standout feature. var htmlDivCss = unescape("%0A%0A%0A%0A%0A%0A%0A%0A%0A%0A%0A%0A"); var htmlDiv = document.getElementById('rs-plugin-settings-inline-css'); if(htmlDiv) ...
Matching window flashing

Standing Seam Roof

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Metal roofing is your best choice for durability in Alberta's climate. Metal roofing is only a good investment when it's properly installed. We replaced a metal roof for a customer in Cremona, Alberta. The metal roofing they had in place had a long list of ...