Bohlken Old Cedar Roof Replacement, Renoteck Roofing


Pavel Gonchar Metal Roof, Residential Roofing

Replacement Roof: Metal Shake Roof, Charcoal Grey Colour This log cabin had an old cedar shake roof that had seen better days. Removal of the shakes revealed extensive water damage in a number of areas. Decking was replaced where needed before the new metal shakes …

Cochrane Installation, Metal Shake Roof, Renoteck Roofing, Alberta


Pavel Gonchar Metal Roof, Residential Roofing

New Roof Metal Shake Roof, Dark Grey Colour Simple roof lines with a couple of architectural details gives this project the wow factor. The barrel window gives a dramatic emphasis to the entry way.

Chestermere Drive, Metal Shake and Standing Seam, Renoteck Roofing, Calgary

Chestermere Drive

Pavel Gonchar Metal Roof, Residential Roofing

Replacement Roof: Metal Shake Roof, Standing Seam Turret Black Colour Your home is your castle! The combination of surface finishes makes this roof truly outstanding. The standing seam on the turret makes it a standout feature. var htmlDivCss = unescape("%0A%0A%0A%0A%0A%0A%0A%0A%0A%0A%0A%0A"); var htmlDiv = document.getElementById('rs-plugin-settings-inline-css'); if(htmlDiv) ...
Sorensons Metal Roof, Renoteck Roofing

Metal Shake Roof

Robert Brown Metal Roof, Residential Roofing

New Roof: Metal Shake Roof, Mid Grey Colour A new roof in a classic style adds beauty to an older home. the facelift results in a higher home value and provides a maintenance free roof for decades to come

New Iron Wood Roof

renoteckroofing Metal Roof, Residential Roofing

Original Roof: Cedar Shakes New Roof: Ironwood metal roof, dark brown colour Objective: The original cedar shake roof was constantly leaking so the home owner decided that it was time for a new roof.  After a consultation with a Renoteck roofing representative, the owner choose an Iron Wood metal shake product to …

New Shake Roof | Leduc

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New Roof: Ironwood shake, dark brown colour Overtop installation was done to keep roofing costs down and eliminate disposal difficulties since the property is located remotely.