New Iron Wood Roof

renoteckroofing Metal Roof, Residential Roofing

Original Roof: Cedar Shakes New Roof: Ironwood metal roof, dark brown colour Objective: The original cedar shake roof was constantly leaking so the home owner decided that it was time for a new roof.  After a consultation with a Renoteck roofing representative, the owner choose an Iron Wood metal shake product to …

Re-Roofing at 38 Ridgewood Blvd

renoteckroofing Metal Roof, Residential Roofing

Roof Size: 3600 square ft. New Roof: Ironwood, Dark Brown colour The client requested that Renoteck Roofing replace the 25 year old shakes before there was any damage done to the house. We installed new Ironwood Shakes and gave the property a great new look at the …

New Shake Roof | Leduc

renoteckroofing Residential Roofing

New Roof: Ironwood shake, dark brown colour Overtop installation was done to keep roofing costs down and eliminate disposal difficulties since the property is located remotely.

Ironwood Metal Roof

Bamforth ReRoofing Project | South Edmonton

renoteckroofing Metal Roof, Residential Roofing

Original Roof: Cedar Shakes New Roof: Ironwood 50 yr. Steel Shakes Objectives To replace approx. 20 year old original good quality cedar shakes now exhibiting considerable rot, cracking, and leaking with a true Lifetime High Performance Roofing System with a meaningful Lifetime Non Pro – Rated …

Metal Roof Calgary Final

Rob Voelk Re-Roof | Strathmore Area 2013

renoteckroofing Residential Roofing

Original Roof: Long sheet thru-fastened rib steel New Roof: Ironwood Concealed Fastener Interlocking Steel Shake Objectives To replace existing thru-fastened rib steel exhibiting numerous leaks resulting from expansion/contraction issues, poor flashing details, inadequate ventilation, lack of underlay/condensation barrier, and substandard installation procedures To upgrade appearance, …