New Shake Roof | Leduc

renoteckroofing Residential Roofing

New Roof: Ironwood shake, dark brown colour Overtop installation was done to keep roofing costs down and eliminate disposal difficulties since the property is located remotely.

Ironwood Metal Roof

Bamforth ReRoofing Project | South Edmonton

renoteckroofing Metal Roof, Residential Roofing

Original Roof: Cedar Shakes New Roof: Ironwood 50 yr. Steel Shakes Objectives To replace approx. 20 year old original good quality cedar shakes now exhibiting considerable rot, cracking, and leaking with a true Lifetime High Performance Roofing System with a meaningful Lifetime Non Pro – Rated …

Anderson's Landing Roofing Project

Anderson’s Landing

renoteckroofing Commercial Roofing, Flat Roof, Residential Roofing

Roof Area: 13,000 Square Feet Manufacturer: IB Roof Systems System: Mechanically Attached – 50 Mil Tan Membrane The owners of Anderson’s Landing had a vision of how their dream home in Silverdale, Washington would look. With the help of their architect, Jeffery Hecker from Hecker …

Metal Roof Calgary Final

Rob Voelk Re-Roof | Strathmore Area 2013

renoteckroofing Residential Roofing

Original Roof: Long sheet thru-fastened rib steel New Roof: Ironwood Concealed Fastener Interlocking Steel Shake Objectives To replace existing thru-fastened rib steel exhibiting numerous leaks resulting from expansion/contraction issues, poor flashing details, inadequate ventilation, lack of underlay/condensation barrier, and substandard installation procedures To upgrade appearance, …