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Replacement Roof: Metal Shake Roof, Medium Brown Colour Old cedar shake roof was in serious need of replacement. A new metal shake roof greatly improved the curb appeal and value of the home.Now the home has a maintenance free roof for years to come.

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Metal Shake Roof

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New Roof: Metal Shake Roof, Mid Grey Colour A new roof in a classic style adds beauty to an older home. the facelift results in a higher home value and provides a maintenance free roof for decades to come

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Metal roofing is your best choice for durability in Alberta's climate. Metal roofing is only a good investment when it's properly installed. We replaced a metal roof for a customer in Cremona, Alberta. The metal roofing they had in place had a long list of ...

New Iron Wood Roof

renoteckroofing Metal Roof, Residential Roofing

Original Roof: Cedar Shakes New Roof: Ironwood metal roof, dark brown colour Objective: The original cedar shake roof was constantly leaking so the home owner decided that it was time for a new roof.  After a consultation with a Renoteck roofing representative, the owner choose an Iron Wood metal shake product to …

Re-Roofing at 38 Ridgewood Blvd

renoteckroofing Metal Roof, Residential Roofing

Roof Size: 3600 square ft. New Roof: Ironwood, Dark Brown colour The client requested that Renoteck Roofing replace the 25 year old shakes before there was any damage done to the house. We installed new Ironwood Shakes and gave the property a great new look at the …