Standing Seam Metal Roof - Cremona, Alberta

Metal Roofing –
Proper Installation

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Metal roofing is your best choice for durability in Alberta’s climate. Metal roofing is only a good investment when it’s properly installed. We replaced a metal roof for a customer in Cremona, Alberta. The metal roofing they had in place had a long list of problems.


Metal Roof - No Flashing, Exposed Fasteners

  • Straight Edge to Wood Siding
  • No Waterproofing
  • Exposed Fasteners


Metal Roofing - Proper Flashing

The red tape you see seals off the waterproof underlayment (not visible). Renoteck bends the edge where it meets the wood siding. Exposed fasteners are both unsightly and provide future leak point. Renoteck’s standing seam metal roof has no exposed fasteners.

(In this photo, the protective plastic has not been removed from the roofing material yet.)


No flashing around chimney

  • No Flashing around Chimney
  • Debris caught in gap acts like a wick
  • Siding warping from moisture damage


Folded edge with waterproof underlayment

The waterproof underlayment provided by Renoteck carries a 35 year limited warranty. The material comes in 60″ widths to reduce the number of seams. Note how the roofing edges are folded. The final flashings will be installed over this edge, designed to keep water running away from roof openings like chimneys.


Water damaged wood siding on chimney

  • Siding on chimney water-damaged
  • Caused by improper metal roofing installation


Metal roofing used as siding on chimney

The metal roofing material was used to side and protect the chimney.


Unprotected wooden window sills

  • Water-damaged window sills


Matching window flashing

Matching flashing for windows looks great and protects wooden window frames.


Exposed wooden fascia

  • Exposed wooden fascia


Matching fascia

Matching fascia reduces maintenance.

A proper installation starts on plywood with a proper waterproof underlayment.  Don’t let a contractor tell you that it’s OK to install your new metal roof over existing asphalt shingles. You home should only have one roof at a time. An old shingle roof may have water-damage and rot that won’t go away if it’s covered up. Stripping your old roofing material allows us to properly inspect the foundation of your roof and determine if replacement plywood is required.