Metal Roof over Existing Shingles

Metal Roof Over Existing Shingles

Overlaying Metal Roof on Existing Shingles

Original Roof: 12 year old asphalt shingles
New Roof:  IronWood Shake Metal Roof, dark brown colour
In this situation, a metal roof over existing shingles was possible. The homeowner made the decision to use metal roofing, with a cedar shake profile to replace the existing asphalt shingles. 
 The new roof was installed over the existing asphalt shingles. This installation  kept the project green – no shingles went into the landfill. This  installation method also resulted in  other benefits to the owner. Labour costs were reduced and  disposal costs were minimized.
The decision to lay the new roof over the existing roof is done after careful consideration of the condition of the existing roof.

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