Heat Pockets are Lost Money

Heat Pockets

Heat Pockets: The Hidden Cost on Your Roof

Calgary’s harsh winters contribute to large heating bills. In addition, heat pockets are lost money. You need to keep in that precious heat to provide substantial savings on your heating bills. Heat pockets can also create major problems, destroying the integrity of your roof and walls.

Heat pockets are the areas where inside heat escapes to an exterior cavity such as attic or walls. When this occurs your furnace runs longer than it needs to, more money is spent replacing the lost heat and damaging ice dams will develop at the roof’s edge.

 Determining the exact location of heat loss can be tough. What can be done to check for major heat leaks?

Some of the larger leaks can be easily spotted during winter. Check out your roof: Are there areas on your roof where there’s snow, and other that are bare? The culprit can be found in the areas where there is no snow.

When neglected for long periods of time, heat pockets can create larger problems. Melted snow can trickle down to the areas more insulated on your roof and can either refreeze or become trapped. This cycle of snowfall melting and damming can create a well of sitting water on the top of your roof.

These are called ice dams.When left long enough, they degrade the integrity of your roof. They eventually seep into newly-developed cracks. Your insulation becomes wet and develops mold. Your drywall rots and  an even larger amount of heat escapes from your home. This develops  into a series of much larger problems for your home.

Large icicles hanging from your roof is a clear indication that you have an ice dam on your hands.

So what is the solution? Renoteck Roofig uses a thermal imaging camera allowing them to find any hot spots on your roof. They will pin-point the area in which heat escapes your roof with staggering accuracy.

An evaluation of the problem and possible solutions will give you the opportunity to prevent damage to your home and reduce heating costs.

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