Emergency Dispatching Services

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Renoteck is proud to announce that we will be providing emergency dispatching services to any commercial or residential buildings! If you have any leaks that needs immediate attention, we’ll be there as soon as we can. The emergency service will consist of 2 fundamental components: Reactive and Proactive.

Reactive Emergency Dispatching

Roof leaks? We fix them. Our Reactive service is for any emergency leaks that needs to be patched up right away. Our emergency response team is open 24/7, ready to take on your leaky roofing problems whenever you need it. In about 30 minutes, our experts will arrive and get started immediately, promptly patching up any leaks in 2 hours.

Proactive Emergency Dispatching

Roof leaks? We prevent them. Proactive services increases the lifespan of your roof by inspecting, maintaining and managing any complications that may arise in the future. Considering how easy it is to use RoofReport, it is no wonder why its so popular among facility managers. All the site inspection reporting information you need is easy to understand and access so you can stay ahead with periodic maintenance. When it is time to perform that maintenance, we’ll give you free inspections and a 10% discount on all roof repairs. Finally, we offer Renoteck Connect: an information system used to manage relevant info. Search, filter, sort, map and report on data with a simple push of a button. Whether you’re at home, in your office, or in the field, Renoteck Connect gets you the information where you want it, when you want it.

Don’t have cash on hand?

Not a problem! By linking your credit card to the app, we’ll be able to electronically bill you for the service – no need for any hassle!

Renoteck will offer this great service through our user-friendly app on the App Store for iOS and Play Store for Android. Simply open up the app and request service and we’ll be there in no time. The app will consist of a ‘package-styled’ tracking, giving you real-time information of our progress. From the moment we receive your notice, to when the roofing emergency is complete, all the updates you need are in the palm of your hands. For more information, head over to the emergency dispatching page to learn more.

So go ahead – push the button.