What’s the Right Roofing System for You?

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A roof that lasts a lifetime starts with choosing the right type of roofing system to be put into place. This means that it requires careful consideration of the variables, such as materials, orientation of the building, and even aesthetic, when building your perfect residential or commercial roof. The following are some of the factors to consider.

Geographic Location:  Is property located on the west coast or east coast, north or south? Geographic location also includes local considerations, such as the building’s orientation, or if there are any nearby trees.

Local Environmental Laws: What are the environmental laws of the area? What is allowed as far as applications, odors, VOCs?

Building Characteristics: What are some of the physical characteristics of the building? These include the slope of the roof, the shape of the building, the elevation and the level of accessibility to the roof.

Appearance: Is the roof visible from the ground or visible from other buildings such that you have concerns about looking industrial or maybe want more of a green look to it with vegetation?

Use of the Roof: How much foot traffic is going to be on the roof?

Use of the Building: A hospital or a resort has different concerns with roofing and reroofing than an office building or a shopping center, as far as disturbance to the inhabitants. A library or a bank many times have concerns with the equipment set up, the noise, the disturbance to the customers. It’s another thing to look at environmentally. One roof may be easier and quieter to install than another, all things being equal.

Weather: Calgary is known to have frequent incidences of hail, snow and ice. When considering roof systems, owners should choose something suitable for Calgary’s unforgiving weather. Even if the owner is insured against hail damage, what is going to be effect of the inconvenience of having to go through a reroof?

Utility Costs: Is a reflective/cool roof important? For example, is the facility an office building where the owner is paying the utility cost or is the tenant paying the utility cost? It’s a whole different animal. Some owners are very concerned about their tenant’s utility costs as a selling point to keep their occupancy. Others don’t care what their tenants have to pay; they just want a cheap roof.

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