Heat Pockets: The Silent Illusive Adversary

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When it comes to Calgary’s harsh winters, keeping in as much of that precious heat in your home could potentially be substantial savings on your heating bill every month. But heat escaping is more than just saving money on your bills. It can develop major problems as well, destroying the integrity of your roof and walls if left untouched.

Heat escaping can range from a variety of headaches. From minor annoyances – like the sound of your heater ‘whirring’ longer than it needs to – to spending more on additional heat to replace what is being lost, to ice dam developing on the edge of your roof. Several areas could be pockets for heat to escape and pin-pointing the exact location can be tough. What can you do to check for any major heat leaks?

Heat escaping can be a silent and difficult adversary, but thankfully, some of the major problems can be easily spotted during winter. Check out your roof: Are there areas on your roof where there’s snow, and some of which that don’t? The culprit can be found in the areas where there is no snow. When neglected for long periods of time, heat pockets can create problems several times worse. This melted snow can trickle down to the areas more insulated on your roof and can either refreeze become trapped. This cycle of snowfall melting and damming can create a well of sitting water on the top of your roof.

These are called ice dams and, when left long enough, can whittle down the integrity of roof, eventually seeping into newly-developed cracks. Your insulation becomes wet and develops mould. Your drywall rots, and now an even larger amount of heat escapes from your home, snowballing (no pun intended) into a series of much larger problems for your home.

And while it may have that ‘Christmas home’ look, identifying large icicles hanging from your roof is a clear indication that you have an ice dam on your hands – and that’s never a merry thing. If you’d like to learn more about what ice dams are and what they’re all about, you can check out this post that we’ve made here a while back.

So what, then, is the solution? Let Renoteck handle it. We’ve recently purchased the FLIR E-Series, a thermal imaging camera that allows Renoteck to find any and all hot spots on your roof before it gets out of hand, precisely pin-pointing the area in which heat escapes your roof with staggering accuracy.

Does your roof fit this problem? Don’t want it to get out of hand? Head over to this page and get started on fixing your roof today!