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In our earlier posts, we’ve covered cool metal roofing and its benefits overall in What is Metal Roofing and Why Should I Choose It?, but this time we’ll take a deeper look on how it benefits you and your energy bill.

In the relatively short few years in which the roofing industry has taken a serious look at metal roofing’s benefits – and its proved to be well worth the effort. Dark pavement, decreasing amounts of plant life and dark building materials creates a microclimate known as The Urban Island Effect where the ambient temperature is hotter than its surrounding area. Urban Island Effect has the potential to increase ambient temperatures by as much as 7 degrees Celsisus. With cool metal roofing, 80 percent of the sun’s rays is reflected, reducing the air conditioning efforts for your home.

It has been widely debated on whether cool metal roofing would be counter productive during the winter months, where the sun’s rays could have been used to heat up the house. The short answer to this would be this: The benefits of a cool metal roof during summer outweighs the winter counterpart. But if the short answer did not suffice, here’s the longer, more detailed explanation.

Cities that typically have a large amount of snowfall during the winter, such as Calgary or Edmonton, would leave heavy layers of snow on the roof that accumulates over a couple of days. This prevents roofs that have a low reflectivity rating to be utilized in the first place. In addition, there are less daylight hours during a winter day is less than that of daylight hours during summer, utilizing the roof’s reflective benefits for longer than winter.

In fact, studies performed in Toronto by Hashem Akbari and his team at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s Heat Island Group have shown that if every home in the city adopted cool metal roofing, the city would have the potential to save $10 million every year simply in energy costs.

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