Winter Landscape

Winter is Coming… Now What?

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As a Calgarian, you know exactly how harsh the winters can be here. You've even fought through snow in all four seasons. Now imagine the damage Calgary roofs take over time. The extreme temperatures and excessive snow creates havoc for roof systems — particularly the older bitumen-based ...

Roof Inspection 101

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Ever wondered if your roof needed some maintenance but never knew what to look for? Here’s some quick tips to get you started on some roof inspections. First step to roof inspecting is not inspecting your roof. Before you begin looking around, find your files ...
Cool Metal

Cool Metal Roofing: Save Money on Your Energy Bill

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When it’s hot and sunny outside, traditional black rooftop temperatures have the potential to be 10 degrees Celsius or more warmer than the surrounding air temperature. The effect is increased exponentially when multiple houses have the same roofing material. Coupled with black, paved road, it's ...
Metal Roof on Commercial Building

Calgary Metal Roofing 

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In Calgary, metal roofs are the perfect material ideal for commercial buildings. There is no other product more durable than metal roofing that offers a distinctive clean aesthetic and is strong enough to withstand temperamental Calgary winters. Companies who invest in metal roofing for their …


10 Ways To Maintain Your Roof

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