Metal Roofing Performance (Part 2)

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This is the continuation of “Metal Roofing Performance (Part 1)”. Haven’t read it yet? You can read it from this link here. Another unfortunate approach to installing a metal roof is to install the new roof over the existing roof, claiming that this approach is green …

Are Metal Roofing Ecological?

Metal Roofing Performance (Part 1)

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Are metal roofs really that ecological? Compared to most asphalt shingle roofs, most metal roofs last much longer and perform much better, so long as they are properly installed. If the installation was not properly done, the longevity of product may not be enjoyed by …

Cool Metal Roofing

Cool Metal Roofing, Reflectivity & You

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In our earlier posts, we've covered cool metal roofing and its benefits overall in What is Metal Roofing and Why Should I Choose It?, but this time we'll take a deeper look on how it benefits you and your energy bill. In the relatively short few ...

Debunking Metal Roofing Myths

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When it comes to metal roofs, there are some myths that follow it. "Aren't metal roofs heavy?", "Doesn't it rust?", "Do they get hot during the summer?" These are just some of the most common myths roaming about. We're here to debunk them. One of the most ...

What is Metal Roofing & Why Should I Choose It?

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In a typical case where a family wishes to build their first home, they consider purchasing the most common roofing material - asphalt. And while asphalt has its advantages, such as its low cost, fire resistance, wide variety of colours and types, and relative ease ...