Upside-down Boat Cottage

Upside-down Boat Homes

Pavel Gonchar Renoteck News

Europe is full of wonderous buildings that include everything from glorious cathedrals to small cottages with sod roofs. Poor fishermen in Northern France developed a unique solution to build a home for their families prior to World War 2. The village of Equihen Plage, is ...
Titanium Nitrite Roofing

Titanium Nitrate Roofing

Pavel Gonchar Renoteck News

Incredible stainless steel roofing material coated with Titanium Nitrate is being produced in The Ukraine. Titanium Nitrate has several properties that make it ideal for decorative roofing: durable extremely hard corrosion resistant reflective can be tinted in various colours Unlike copper roofs, stainless steel coated ...