Titanium Nitrite Roofing

Titanium Nitrate Roofing

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Incredible stainless steel roofing material coated with Titanium Nitrate is being produced in The Ukraine. Titanium Nitrate has several properties that make it ideal for decorative roofing: durable extremely hard corrosion resistant reflective can be tinted in various colours Unlike copper roofs, stainless steel coated ...

The Advantages of a Metal Roof

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Renoteck Roofing, an Alberta wide roofing company, offers a wide variety of metal roofing solutions for both residential and commercial developments. Not only does metal roofing protect your home for years to come, it looks great! These days homeowners can rest easy knowing that their …


Drones and Heat Guns: New Toys for the Holidays!

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Everywhere you go, everything you see, technology is there. Whether it’s your son or daughter’s exciting new toy you got them for Christmas or that gizmo to make the work day easier, there’s no doubt that we interact with technology at several points in our day. ...

A Bird’s Eye View

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When it comes to technology, its ubiquity is almost unbelievable. It’s amazing how drastically it has transformed our lives making things simpler, more productive and unlock new potentials. Of course, it comes in many shapes and sizes, but we’ve recently purchased our own new piece of …


Heat Pockets: The Silent Illusive Adversary

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When it comes to Calgary’s harsh winters, keeping in as much of that precious heat in your home could potentially be substantial savings on your heating bill every month. But heat escaping is more than just saving money on your bills. It can develop major ...