A Bird’s Eye View

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When it comes to technology, its ubiquity is almost unbelievable. It’s amazing how drastically it has transformed our lives making things simpler, more productive and unlock new potentials. Of course, it comes in many shapes and sizes, but we’ve recently purchased our own new piece of tech to help provide existing and potential customers a better idea of the quality of work Renoteck does.

These little machines, called “drones”, are unmanned flying vehicles that can complete a whole bunch of tasks. From snapping pictures from a new perspective after a mountain hike, programming a couple of drones to play a musical piece, or taking selfies to a whole new level, understanding the possibilities of utilizing a drone is just getting started. A group of scientists have even programmed a team of drones to build a rope bridge across a gap far too dangerous for humans to do – no human aid required.

But for now, we’ll focus on how we’ll be taking advantage of drones: taking aerial pictures. That’s right, Renoteck has purchased the DJI Phantom 3 and will be using it in the coming days. Sometimes, it’s difficult to see the true beauty of our roofing project from the ground-dwellers perspective. That’s why we believe purchasing a drone to take amazing aerial pictures of some of our past projects will give you a better sense of the quality and work Renoteck puts into every roof. We’ve got nothing to hide! Expect some awesome before and after pictures of your new home.

Getting a bird’s eye view from our drone isn’t the only new tech we’ve purchased, you can check out our thermal imaging gun post here, or EagleView, a piece of software that can determine where  the heat is escaping from your home.